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This Memorable Scene from the Hood Classic Parody film “Don’t be a Menace in South Central while Drinking your Juice in the Hood” combined with the text theme from the 90’s Action Drama American Television Series and Seasoned with a Familiar Slang Term of Endearment Tells the Legend of the Woman of (ALL) Our Dreams…. The Mothers of the Earth, the Queens of the Universe!…. (LOC DOG): 🗣️ “You See that B!**h Over There?…. now THAT’S A LADY!!” HAHA! … Aaaaah No One Can Tip and Consume that Sweet-Tasting 40-Ounce Swig SOOOO Smooth, yet still So Lady-Like Quite like BAE, Among Other Thangs (Insert Heart Eyes Emojis).  A Collaborative Tribute to a Few Classics from the 90’s Era (the BEST Decade to have Grown Up in) and a Hail to All the Honeys Out There Who Make Beauty, the Allure and All Things Related Look EFFORTLESS …. We See you, Queens…… Before Anyone Else.

The BaeWatch Shirt, by SY Concepts + Customs.  Also Available in Tank Top.

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The ASPU Signature Strikethrough Tee

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